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IMPERO specialises in offering a unique and a diverse collection of the finest exclusive, high quality pearls in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes. Our team of gifted master jewellers are committed to crafting pearls that are aesthetically beautiful and fascinatingly alluring in a range of contemporary designs. In line with our philosophy, we only select pearls of the highest lustre and the best colours as this gives a stunning sheen and glow for which our pearls are renowned.

With extensive design expertise, our developers focus on intricate details and perfect fit and provide our customers with pearls that are fashionable, genuine and lustrous. We offer an environment for them to bring the mystique, artistry and culture of pearls vividly to life. What’s more, visitors have the option of getting their own version of strung pearl set personalised to their taste.

At IMPERO, we place the highest stress on the manufacturing and quality of pearls that are unparalleled in beauty and colour. It begins with the selection of the finest freshwater pearls. Our pearl selection and grading controls are of world class standards. Continued scientific research to improve the quality of the pearls and technological and quality control improvements is an ongoing commitment with us. Our dedication and commitment to create a pearl that is truly distinctive, truly one of a kind, is complete.

The pearls market is experiencing explosive growth and IMPERO is firmly positioned as the major supplier for all kinds of pearls for all occasions. Just as the sparkling beauty of a strand of pearls held the attention of brides for millennia, our pearls too offer you the same kind of attention that you carve for years.

Discover at IMPERO, why pearls are favoured by women for their timeless elegance, beauty and glamour and why they have captured the imagination of kings, poets, celebrities and artists throughout the centuries.

If you seek the most stylish and original pearls, then get in touch with us.


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